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  • Welcome to B.Sc Bioscience
  • Welcome to B.Sc Bioscience

The significance of biological knowledge for the entire society is increasing. Applications of biosciences play significant role in health care and medical sciences. The Faculty of Biological Sciences is well-experienced and highly qualified in Biological Sciences. They are always ahead in understanding the problems of the students in order to guide them to face the challenges of the world.

S.No. Name of the Employee / Department Designation Qualification Experience Photo
1 Dr. Krishne Gowda Prof. & Director M. Sc, M. Phil, Ph. D 42 Yrs 11 Months Krishne Gowda
2 Mrs. Meena Jagadesh Asst. Prof.- English M. A ,M. Phil,( Ph.D) 11 Yrs 10 months Meena 
3 Dr. Kurinji. V Professor & HODof Biotechnology M. Sc, Ph. D 14 Yrs 11 Months Kurinji 
4 Mrs. Divya. S Asst. Prof.of Biotechnology M. Sc, M. Phil 11 Yrs 10 Months Divya
5 Mrs. Jayashree Das Asst. Prof.of Biochemistry M. Sc 6 Yrs 4 months Jayashree 
6 Mr.Udaya S Asst. Prof.of Microbiology M. Sc,M.Phil(Ph.D) 2 Yrs 5 months Udaya 
7 Dr. Asheera Banu Sangli Prof. & HODof Zoology M. Sc, Ph.D 14 Yrs 10 months Asheera 
8 Mr. Shwetank Lata Asst. Prof of Genetics M. Sc 3 Yrs  
9 Mr. Abhilash N Asst. Prof of Chemistry M. Sc (Ph.D) 1 Yrs  

Non Teaching Staff

S.No Name Qualification Designation
1 Mir.Mashhood Ali B.Com Senior Admin Assistant
2 Mrs.Mohanamba B K Diploma in Commercial Practice(English), Admin Assistant