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  • Welcome to B.Sc Bioscience
  • Welcome to B.Sc Bioscience


The department has an excellent infrastructure. It comprises well equipped laboratories in the areas of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Genetics, Immunology, Animal and Plant tissue culture and Microbiology. These laboratories have instruments such as Fermentor, PCR, Deep freezer, UV-Spectrophotometer, Cooling Centrifuge, Electrophoresis units among others.


The department has experienced and committed faculty members. It has well furnished laboratories with equipments like UV-spectrophotometer, PH meters, Colorimeters, Centrifuges, Electrophoresis units, Chromatography unit, Digital balances etc.


It has well equipped laboratories with instruments such as shaker incubator, Binocular microscopes, Digital balances among others.


The department has excellent infrastructure. The laboratories comprise equipments like Shaker incubator, Colony counter, Centrifuge, Binocular microscopes, BOD incubator, and Gerber centrifuge among others.


The department has excellent infrastructure. The Laboratories comprise equipments such as Centrifuge, Thermostat Digital balances, PH meters, Colorimeters, among others.


The department has excellent infrastructure. The laboratories comprises equipments such as BOD incubator, Binocular stereomicroscopes, Digital Balance, UV Spectrophotometer, among others.