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Our University has a long tradition of both research and educational excellence and has played an important role locally and nationally in a variety of research fields. Our faculty seek to be distinguished for their efforts towards work-integrated learning, and problem solving skills. They empower students to grow their capabilities and transform their lives through high quality teaching and learning.

S. No. Name (s) of the Teaching Faculty Qualification Designation Experience Date of Joining the Institution Photo
1 Dr. Latha Krishnan M. Com, MBA, M. Phil, Ph. D,
Post-Doctoral Fellowship – IIT (M)     
Director & Professor 16 Yrs Teaching
8 Yrs Research
13-08-2013 Latha Krishnan
2 Dr. KadambiniKatke  M.Com., M.Phil, Ph.D. Professor 1 Yr Industry
17 Yrs Teaching
27.10.2009 Kadambini Katke
3 Dr. MahuaBiswas B. Com, M. Com, MBA, Ph. D Assistant
5.5 Yrs Teaching
5 Yrs Industry
01.08.2012 Mahua Biswas
4 Dr. Senthil Kumar B. Sc., MBA, M. Phil, Ph. D Associate
17 Yrs Teaching 02.12.2015 Senthil
5 Dr. Vijaya Kumar BA(Eco), B. Ed., MA(Eco),
M. Ed, M. Phil, MBA, Ph. D
22 Yrs Teaching 05.10.2015 Vijaya
6 Dr. Mohammed Mansoor BCA, MBA, Ph. D Assistant
1 Yr. Industry
2 Yrs Teaching
2 Yrs. Research
7.09.2015 Mansoor
7 Mr. B.R Narasimha Murthy  B.Com., (LLB)FCA, CAIIB-l Associate
20 Yrs Industry
5.5Yrs Teaching
16.08.2007 Narasimha
8 Ms. KiranHiremath  B.Com, MMS Associate
6 Yrs Industry
10.5Yrs Teaching
31.12.2007 Kiran
9 Ms. Shalini R  B.Com., MBA, PGDFM,
2 Yrs. Industry
9.5 Yrs. Teaching
21.01.2008 Shalini
10 Mr. Sripad Kulkarni, MBA, PGPC (IISc ) Associate Professor 37 Yrs. Industry
2 Yrs. Teaching
03.08.2015 Sripad
11 Mr. Dwarakanath B. Sc., MBA, M. Phil Associate Professor 21 Yrs. Industry
3 Months Teaching
31.8.2015 Dwara
12 Mr. Dharmendra
Rao Jadav V
BE, MBA Asst. Professor 17 Yrs. Industry
6 Years Teaching
25.05.2015 Dharma
13 Mr. Virupaksha Goud B. Sc., MBA Asst. Professor 5 Yrs Teaching
8 Yrs Industry
7.9.2015 Viru
14 Mr. Sriyank Levi B. Com, MBA Asst. Professor 6 Yrs Teaching
4.5 Yrs Industry
03.09.2015 sriyank
15 Mr. Antony. R B. Com, MBA,  M. Phil Asst. Professor 12 Yrs Teaching
4 Yrs Industry
07.07.2008 Antony
16 Mrs. Rekha M. P B. A, MBA, M. Phil Asst. Professor 6 Yrs Teaching 15.06.2005 Rekha
17 Mr. Shankaralinga V. B B. E, MBA Asst. Professor 5 Yrs Teaching 23.07.2008 Shankaralinga
18 Mrs. Parvathy .L B. E, MBA Asst. Professor 4.5 Yrs Teaching 25/01/2011 parvathy
19 Mrs. SumithaJavali B. Sc., MBA, M. Phil Asst. Professor 5.5 Yrs Teaching 25/01/2011 Sumitha
20 Mrs. Prathima V. G B. Sc., MBA Asst. Professor 8 Yrs Teaching 01.08.2011 Prathima
21 Mrs. Chandrakala G B. Com, M. Com, MBA, M. Phil Asst. Professor 3 Yrs Teaching 01.09.2010 Chandrakala
22 Mr. Murugesha BN B. Sc, MBA Asst. Professor 4 Yrs Teaching 02.02.2009 Murugesha
23 Mrs. Sarah Merlyn BE, MBA Asst. Professor 2 Yrs Teaching,2 Yrs Industry 11.01.2016 SarahMerlyn