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HOD's Name:Prof. RAKESH S. KATAREY | Email:[email protected] | Contact:080- 42161714

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SUDHEENDRA mass comm hod

Dear student,

Warm greetings to you!

It gives me great pleasure to try and convince you why after months of deliberation we at DSCASC finally decided to pitch our tent amongst the scores of schools offering programs in media and communication. Believe me, if we weren’t convinced about its need, we wouldn’t have risked our resources on a project such as this. So do spare a moment and read this carefully.

In recent times while communication industries have proliferated, communication schools have hardly kept pace with the enormity and diversity of such growth. Industry experts have been complaining against the declining quality of graduates coming from universities. They say, the cubs from schools don’t know much about the world they are talking to and much lesser about the world they are talking about. Clearly, the recent proliferation of media schools hasn’t helped the cause of professional merit.

At DSCASC, we understand that students tend to excel in areas they are most interested in. Our search for excellence therefore begins with our programs that provide students, choice, focus and flexibility.

To meet this objective, we are digging deep into the synergies offered by our sister institutions. Valuable academic inputs are forthcoming from award-winning faculty drawn from the academia and the industry as well as from current professionals with membership on our academic bodies that govern and guide us.

Our students will have access to the university's multimedia labs. Thus, we are making sure that students joining our courses have adequate exposure to cutting edge digital technologies and opportunity to rub shoulders with the best in the media business.

Students coming out of DSCASC’s programs also remain rooted to the ground, with modules on India, its land, people, culture, constitution, economy, resources and history. Besides conventional modules, a module on globalization introduces students to the most famous philosophical interventions witnessed in recent times: from Noam Chomsky to Antony Giddens and from Amartya Sen to Francis Fukuyama and Manuel Castells.

But more important than all, our programs blow the first bugle for a new generation of free thinking, energetic and confident individuals who choose to guide their destiny than be packed into predetermined pigeon holes.

With best wishes to all, I extend a warm welcome on behalf of the DSCASC family.

Prof. Rakesh S. Katarey
HOD, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication