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HOD's Name:Prof. RAKESH S. KATAREY | Email:[email protected] | Contact:080- 42161714

  • Mass communicatiion
  • Welcome to Mass Comm & Journalism

Today journalism, advertising, public relations, visual communications and mass communications studies is changing at lightning speed. The range of opportunities to tell stories with words, photos and video is exploding via online news media, digital publishing and social media. The study of Mass Communications embraces our ability to know where and how to store and find information, how to analyse and synthesize it and how to deliver it across the communications mediums. Students who aspire to be reporters and editors can use illustrative ways to create and share information through visual communications.

The Mass Communication Program teaches the knowledge and skills necessary to move in to the arenas of radio, television, newspapers, magazines, advertising, video production, corporate and web-related communication. The merging of traditional mass media and the Internet has highlighted the importance of critical thinking, creativity, and effective writing and adapting to constantly changing technology.

The mission of the program of Mass Communications is to improve and strengthen the professions of journalism and mass communications through teaching, research and service.

We have a balance of faculty experience, bringing to the students a variety of perspectives from focused researchers, work experiences, and scholarly work from creative specialists. The faculty teach communication from time-tested techniques to the unbounded possibilities of digital media. Scholars and professionals in journalism, advertising, public relations and visual communications bring their experience and their vision of new possibilities to our classrooms, laboratories and studios.