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Technical training program:

1. Hybrid App Development Program.
2. Game Development Program.

    Training Program on “Hybrid Mobile App Development” and “Game Development” was conducted by our department in association with our alumni students during the period Feb -2015 to Apr-2015. The training program was conducted for MCA students.
     These training programs will help the students in doing live project work, which can be helpful in their academic curricular as well as in placements.


Pre-placement Training Program:

A 30hrs intense Pre placement Training program consisting of soft skills, aptitude and programming techniques and tools was conducted by Mr. Rajesh, COO, Faleo Inc. and his team. Around 57 students of 4th semester MCA are undergoing the training to enhance their skills. The training sessions were conducted across the semester during the months February - May 2015.


1. Activities Planned for Even semester 2015:

To bridge the gap between Industry & Institute and to make the students aware of technologies beyond the curriculum, MCA Department will conduct series of Guest Lectures and Workshops.

Slno Date Seminar Topic Speaker
1 20-Jan-15 Animation & Gaming Mr. Giridhar
2 31-Jan-15 Mobile App. Development – Phone Gap Mr. Maharudhra - Alumni
3 28-Mar-15 Cloud Computing Dr. Ram Kumar
4 25-Apr-15 Data Mining Dr. Ramani

2. Pre-placement Training:

In the view of grooming students ready for the upcoming placement drives in and off campus and prepare them to meet the industry expectations – We are conducting a 12 week training program for the 4th semester students. It includes improvement of their aptitude shills and presentation skills.

3. Mobile App and Gaming Development Training:

Computer Science is an ever changing field with technologies and techniques upgrading itself at a rapid rate. In order to catch up with the current trends and industrial needs the Department has started two major training programs in the non-curricular technologies – “Hybrid Mobile app development using Phone Gap” and “Game Development using unity3D”.

4. Intimation of shortage of attendance to the parents (Fortnightly):

Attendance and participation in Class room lectures, laboratory sessions and departmental activities are mandatory and essential.
Class Teachers will prepare the list of not reported students of 4th & 2nd MCA. The List will be announced on the notice board. Intimation letters will be sent to the parents about their ward’s absence. After not-reported list generation and every month attendance shortage, we communicate the same with the parents. The Student Academic status also periodically intimated and discussed.

Attendance Status Schedule:

Details Date
Not Reported List 27th Jan 2015
1st report 18th Feb 2015
2nd report 18th Mar 2015
3rd report 20th April 2015
Final Report 11th May 2015

5. Assignments:

As a part of continuous evaluation process, all the students will be given two assignments in each subject. The questions will be set by covering important topics of entire syllabus. The Assignment questions will be provided to the student in the beginning of the semester.

2-Mar-2015 to 6-Mar-2015 I Assignment Submission
6-Apr-2015 to 10-Apr-2015 II Assignment Submission

6. IA schedule (two tests per semester):

The Internal Assessment is a part of University examination scheme. The internal examinations would be conducted twice in a semester along with one preparatory exam with an objective of enabling students for practice & revision as a part of continuous evaluation process. The time table schedule will be announced at the beginning of the semester

Internal Exams Dates
First 09, 10, 11 Mar 2015
Second 16, 17, 18 Apr 2015
Preparatory 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 May 2015

7. Sports and Techno Cultural Fest:

4th and 5th March 2015: Two day Sports Meet for MCA Students.

11th April 2015: Techno Cultural Fest


Seminars/Workshops /FDP conducted during the Odd semester 2014-15:

TOPIC : FDP on Research avenues in Computer Science
DATE : 7th Oct 2014


1) Dr. Ramkumar P, M.Tech, Ph.D.
Founding Director, Applied Cognition Systems Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru

2) Dr. Srinivasa Raghavan G, Ph.D
Professor, IIIT - Bengaluru

3) Dr. Lalitha Eswara, Ph.D
Research Lead, Honeywell Technology Solutions, Bengaluru

4) Dr. Shivananda M Handigund, M.Sc., M.Tech., Ph.D
Professor, PG Co-ordinator & Research Centre Head- BIT, Bengaluru

Participants: Over 70 faculty from various colleges

TOPIC : Career counselling DATE : 27th Sep 2014


Audience : MCA students()


During his talk on career counselling he concentrated on the importance of communication skills and how to build them. He also touched upon the topics of Goal Setting, like:

1. F.R.A.M.E your goal
2. Steps for Goal Setting
3. Setting a S.M.A.R.T goal
4. Setting objectives to reach the set Goal etc.

TOPIC : BigData processing with Hadoop
DATE : 9h Aug and 6th Sep 2014

SPEAKER : Mr. Hemanth Yamijala


6 Zettabytes - 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 - This is the estimated total volume of digital data the world is generating today. Where is so much data coming from ? Is it of any value ? Are there systems that can store and process such large volumes of data ? In this talk, we will try and understand the trending topic of 'BigData' - how it can be defined and what it can be used for. We will also get an overview of Hadoop, a great open source technology being used by every popular Internet site today, that helps in storing and processing large volumes of data economically.

TOPIC : Workshop on Big Data Analytics with Hadoop
DATE : 11th, 18th, 25th Oct , 1st and 8nd Nov 2014

Trainers : Mr. Hemanth Yamijala and Mr. Saaju

TOPIC : Preplacement Training Demo
DATE : 18th Oct 2014

SPEAKER : Mr. Abhishek (from Goldman Sachs)


Technical and Aptitude training for placement by Mr. Abhishek from Goldman Sachs

TOPIC : OneWorkshop on Xampp/lamp through campus connect program
DATE : 27th Sep 2014

TRAINERS : Corporate trainers from Retail On


Hands on workshop to technically enable students to work on Linux, Apache Tom Cat, MySql and PHP.

TOPIC : Digital Marketing and Internet of Things DATE : 30th Dec 2014

SPEAKER : Dr. Devanathan Sudarshan (Ex - Dean - University of Kentucky Gatton College of Business and Economics)


Addressed the students on Digital marketing, new product and service development. He also spoke about Internet of things and how students have to find the avenues for new products and collaborate with management students to launch new products.


Sl.No Name of Students Class Events
1. Murarji  Vilasrao I Sem MCA ’A’ IT 
2. Abhinanadan III Sem MCA ’A’ IT Quiz
3. Proshant ghoshal V Sem MCA IT Quiz
4. Sagar Shivraj I Sem MCA ’B’ Cloud Computing
5. souvik I Sem MCA ’B’ Cloud Computing

MCA student have taken part in MBA IT fest. Event held on 1st December 2014.

This photo is of Surana college. In this fest the team has come second in IT Quiz [Ripple Strip] held on 28th November 2014.


Seminars/ Workshop/ Guest Lecture series/ Faculty Development Program organized by the MCA Department in the Even semester 2014.

  • Web Designing Event, conducted on 4th March 2014, On Topic:” Institutional Websites”, “This competition was conducted for our students to test their creativity skills. There were 10 teams which had participated in the event, each team had maximum of three members. Event was conducted in new computer lab. Winners of the competition were announced on spot”. Student In-Charge: Bharath yadav S, Faculty In-charge : Mrs.Suma & Mrs Srivatsala.
  • IT Quiz Event, Conducted on 5th April 2014, “Before the first round we have conducted aptitude test has a preliminary round for the students who already give their names for IT quiz participation”, Total no of Teams written aptitude Test: 20, Selected Teams after preliminary. Final Winners Are: Prashantha Goash & Maruthi Dumal
  • SWATARANG: A Week long cultural programs held during the month of September every year. Swatarang means the “wave of joy” created by the students and for the students. This week is embarked with colors as they strat with Rainbow week concept. It is then followed by Dumbcharades, Pick & act, Debate, Collage, Rangoli etc. with a whole day dedicated to respect and to celebrate Teacher’s day. Finally it concludes with the Food Fest, where verities of food products are prepared by the students. It’s a feast to taste many countries food products.
  • COPY (W) RIGHT: A Group of students from our department (Team COPY (W)RIGHT) with the departments assistance initiated the department NEWS letter – COPY(W)RIGHT. It revolves round with the activities held and to be conducted during the semester, the latest technological initiatives across the globe, glimpse of the new Gadgets with a Tech- Talk report by experts.
  • Ethnic Day: Every year the department celebrates Ethnic Day. All the students dress up in lovely ethnic wear like kurtas, dhotis, sarees. This is a great opportunity for the girls and boys to showcase their talent, mingle with each other and click photos.Mr.Ethnic and Miss Ethnic trophies were given to freshers
  • Workshop in Software Testing: on 14th Mat 2014 Workshop by: Dattathreya: Senior automation test engineer in Fedility software solutions. Darshan.N : Bandwidth and telecommunication testing Team Lead and NAC in Synchronoss Technologies Pvt India LTD. Topics Covered in Software testing: a) MANUAL TESTING b) BASICS OF AUTOMATION TESTING
  • Seminar on“Network Security and Online risks & threats”, conducted by our department, By Mrs. Savitha Gowda, CDAC, on 27th & 28th March 2014.
  • SPORTS DAY: Department has conducted three day Sports Meet- 2014 on 7th, 8th & 9th March. The department understands the all-round development of a student, along with technical and cultural events, sports are also encouraged to keep the student fit and strong. Sports play a very important role to inculcate in the student, the spirit of sportsmanship and competition. Sports day is one such event. Sports day was celebrated for three days. There were indoor and outdoor sports. Indoor sports events like Carom, Chess were played. Outdoor sports events were played on our college sports ground. Outdoor Events were Volleyball and Cricket for boys and Throw ball for girls. There were prizes given for individual performances and teams as a whole to encourage the students.
  • INDUSTRIAL VISIST TO STPI on 28th Feb 2014 Students of IV Semester MCA visited STPI, Electronic City, Bangalore as a part of Industrial visit. They understood how STPI helps new start up software companies are assisted by the Government of India. They learned how the logistics, setting up of websites, internet connections for the new companies are taken care by STPI.
  • SEMINAR ON JAVA BY AQUEEL on 20th Feb 2014: A seminar on Java and was given by Aqueel an alumni of Dayananda Sagar College. Mr. Aqeel studied in Dayananda Sagar College in 2011 batch got placed in two companies through college but did not start his career in those companies. Professional experience: Worked as Software Engineer for SAP labs for 1 year 4 months. Currently working as Senior Software Engineer for JDA software from past 1 year. From last 2.5 years working only on Java development.
  • Fashion Show, “Participants names: Priyanka & Rahul Desai, Kiran & Roopali, Joshi & pooja, Girish & pooja, Kiran Kumar & Jethendra & Rajini Rajan, Organized by : K. V. Raghavendra Reddy”.



Java “Core Java & Applet Programming”
20th Feb 2014 Mr. Aqueel Ahmad,
Android Workshop On “Android”
4th Mar 2014 Mr. Suryanarayana Reddy,
Aspire Software Consultency,
Software Testing Workshop On “Software Testing””
14th Mar 2014 Mr. Dattathreya,
Senior Test Engineer,
Fidelity Software Solutions, Bangalore.
Network Security “Network Security and Online risks & threats”
27th & 28th March 2014. Mrs. Savitha Gowda ,
Adv Java
Three Days Workshop On “Adv Java, Swings, Servlets, JDBC & Java Beans”
2, 3, 4th
June 2014
Mr. Harish,
Sumukha Systems,
Hadoop “Big Data- Hadoop”
9th Aug 2014 &
6th Sep 2014
Thought Works,
7. Career Guidance 18th Oct 2014 Mr. Kalyan Sreenivas,
8. FDP On “Research Avenues in Computer Science” 7th Oct 2014 Team OF Experts
9. “Algorithms” 9th Oct 2014 Dr. Lalitha,
 R&D Dept, Honeywell,
Artificial “Artificial Intelligence”
18h Oct 2014 Dr. Sreenivasa Raghavan IIIT-B,
11. Pre-Placement Training–– 19th Oct 2014 Mr. Abhishek
Goldman Sachs India,