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HOD's Name : Dr. Roopa R. Nadig |Email : [email protected] |Contact : 9845011424

  • Conservative
  • Welcome to Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics


CONSERATIVE DENTISTRY AND ENDODONTICS is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the art and science of diagnosis, treatment and also prevention of diseases and defects of the teeth in order to retain and restore the normal function of teeth and to enhance their aesthetics.

Our Mission:

Maintaining good oral health and a pleasing appearance is essential for the physical and psychological well-being of a patient. The aim of this department is to improve the oral health of people and their general well being. Towards this objective, the department has a three-pronged approach of research, teaching and excellent service.

Our goals are met  by:

  • Providing an stimulating learning environment to educate our students,
  • Providing direct comprehensive restorative clinical services;

    We train students to diagnose and manage common diseases and defects of the teeth. This includes contemporary management of dental caries, traumatized teeth and other problems associated with wear and tear.

    Our services include cosmetic and aesthetic smile designing  bleaching/whitening of teeth,  reconstruction of a fractured tooth, closing spaces, altering shapes, size and contour of teeth using veneers and crowns, surgical treatment to retain severely damaged teeth.

  • Conducting oral health research and other scholarly activity -
    Towards this end we guide the students in acquiring skills to carry out research both in basic and clinical fields, getting their work published or  in presenting the same on scientific platforms.
  • Supporting the development of future leaders of the profession in educational research and organized dentistry.
    • Aid in the development of future leaders of the profession in education, research and organized dentistry.

An additional goal of the department is to assure that the next generation of dentists will excel and be life-long learners who are prepared to provide excellent prevention and general dentistry by providing patient centered comprehensive dental care for the community services upon graduation.