Various Committees Roles & Activities

Sl.No. Name of the Committee Convener and Members Purpose Activity Periodicity of meeting
1. Institution Development Committee Principal & HODs of all Departments, Manager, Librarian, Physical Education Director, Maintenance Manager, Timetable Coordinator, Placement Officer, First Year Chief Coordinator, Cultural Coordinator etc. based on the Agenda Planning, Implementing, Monitoring and Updating all required activities of the Institute including proposing necessary rules, norms and guidelines to achieves the excellence in providing quality education to the students through planned activities. Discussing and finalizing the curricular, co- curricular and extracurricular activities to be carried out in each department in each semester discussing and finalizing necessary rules, norms and guidelines to carryout various activities in the departments and for the effective and smooth functioning of the institute .Motivating counseling and guiding the students to improve and development their behavior and performance to achieve excellence in their education and endeavors. Every month and on any exigency
2. Budget Committee Principal, HODs of all Departments and Manager To motivate all departments and sections to have long term / short term budgets to improve and develop the various planned activities of the departments /section. Conducting meeting to assess the requirements of each department/ section in all respects, obtaining necessary particulars, preparing necessary interim budget, annual / semester wise budget for obtaining approval of Principal and Director. Once in a year
3. Purchase Committee Three Senior Professors, Manager, and HoD concerned To assess the requirements of the various departments / Sections periodically and arrange for purchases in time effectively. Collecting all requirements of equipments, consumable and other materials from all departments / sections periodically through the prescribed format including compiling consolidating and obtaining approval of the Principal and Director. As and when required
4. Committee for Purchasing Books and Stationeries Three Senior Professors, Manager, and HoD concerned To ensure that the students are getting the appropriate books, record notebook instruments and the required stationeries, in time. Collecting the requirements/ recommendations of books and stationeries from the individual departments and finalizing the little, author of books and prices including for stationeries etc. Getting the approval for the purchase of the books and stationeries. Arranging for purchases & distributing books and stationeries etc. Once per Semester and on any exigency
5. Library Committee Senior Faculty Member, One Teaching Staff per Department and Librarian To develop, improve and maintain the library satisfying the norms and standards considerably in all respects. Monitoring its functions periodically, improving /adding facilities for the effective use of the students and staff. Planning, developing and maintaining all required facilities including norms and guidelines for the smooth and effective functioning of the library satisfying norms and standards. Assessing and arranging the purchase of books journal etc. As required for use of students and staff, conducting periodical meetings. Once in a Semester and on any exigency
6. Academic Calendar Committee Three Senior Professors from Different Department To provide a calendar to each students containing some of the basic and necessary information on the present status, facilities and strength of the various departments of the institution including scheduled working days for the academic year. Collection of required information from the various departments in the prescribed format including editing and arranging for publishing the calendar, in time every year. During April month
7. Academic Committee Principal, Vice-Principal & HODs of all Departments To plan, execute and monitor all academics related activities Academic monitoring throughout the semester/year. Every month and on any exigency
8. Periodical Tests & Performance Analysis Committee Dept. level committee constituted by the HOD concerned To conduct periodical tests similar to that of University examination pattern. Assessing the performance of the students in time. To analyze the results after every test. To make entries in the online portal of AU regularly as per the schedule. Obtaining necessary question papers from the staff members in time and conducting periodical tests as per the time schedule with proper arrangements for all courses simultaneously by allotting invigilators etc. Suggestion for improvements. Thrice in a Semester
9. Examination Cell One Senior Faculty as Coordinator supported by few more faculties To conduct University/Any other examinations smoothly and effectively as per rules and regulations with all required precautionary and safety arrangements. Reviewing on the effectiveness of the arrangements, guidelines followed, problems faced previously, suggesting remedial measures and implementing the revised guidelines, if any etc. Every semester
10. Timetable Committee Vice-Principal, One Senior Professor as Convener, TT In-charge of each Department To guide and assist all departments to finalize the Time-Table for theory and practical classes every semester, in time. Preparing time table for all UG and PG courses well before the beginning of odd and even semester taking into account the individual staff work load fixed by the departments. Allocation of lecture halls, laboratory slots without any overlapping etc., effectively. Once in a semester and on any exigency
11. Question papers Review Committee Dept. level committee constituted by the HOD concerned To develop and improve the quality of the question papers prepared for periodical tests semester wise. Review of University question papers and representing for specific consideration/moderations. If any to the University through Principal Conducting Periodical meetings and review previous question papers for periodical tests. Providing guidelines, remedial measures etc., for the improvements of the system. Review of University questions papers and representing for moderation, etc required if any to the University through Principal. On any exigency
12. Result Review Committee Principal, Vice-Principal & HOD and Faculties of the Department concerned To analyze the University results every semester, sorting out problems, suggesting remedial measures for implementation to improve the result. Conducting meeting periodically suggesting remedial measures. Monitoring the process of teaching, training and testing activities regularly. Once in a semester and on any exigency
13. Students Attendance & Performance Review committee Dept. level committee constituted by the HOD concerned To identify the regular and poor performance students and suggest necessary remedial measures to improve their academic performance in time. Review student’s attendance and performance and taking necessary actions on the students. Arranging special coaching for the below average students. Counseling them if needed. Once in a month
14. Ragging Prevention Committee First Year Chief Coordinator, Hostel Wardens, Faculty Members To create brotherly movements and good relationship among students and to avoid undesirable incidents among students through a periodical watch and ward and advice. Maintaining passport size photo copy of each student along with necessary data and information, branch wise/section wise for an immediate identification of any student at any time. Developing brotherly movements among students by motivation. Closely watching the students and maintaining discipline. Once in a year and on any exigency
15. AICTE Cell Senior Faculty supported by a Junior faculty To carry out all AICTE, Anna University and all Regulatory bodies related activities. AICTE, Anna University, NBA, NAAC approval related activities as per the instructions from the Principal. As and when required
Sl.No. Name of the Committee Convener and Members Purpose Activity Periodicity of meeting
1. News Letter Editorial Committee Principal, HOD and Senior Faculty of English Dept., One Faculty from each Departments To prepare a consolidated report enumerating all the important activities of all the departments / Sections of the Institute and conveying them in the form of news letter periodically. Collecting all necessary data and particulars form all departments / Sections at frequent interval through the prescribed formats. Compiling them in the required format as news letter and arranging to send to the concern members/departments/ Other institutes as desired. Once in 3 months
2. College Magazine Committee Principal & HOD and Senior Faculty of English Dept., One Faculty from each Departments To provide opportunity and motivate the students and staff to bring out their skills and knowledge through a descriptive college magazine every year, in time. Planning and preparing norms and guidelines for the submission of articles /papers/scripts for the magazine by the students and staff including collecting, compiling them for printing & issuing to students etc. Once in a year and on any exigency
3. Training & Placement and Career Guidance Cell Head of Placement, One Faculty from each Departments To provide necessary training to students and arrange for campus interview and placements by various companies, private sectors etc, effectively. To provide career guidance to the students. Creating, developing and maintaining necessary database of students as required by various companies. Visiting companies and highlighting them about our college activities, college facilities, performance level of students etc, Including inviting companies to conduct interviews. Arranging campus interviews. Maintaining necessary lists of students placed through the T& P cell. Arranging necessary training programmes and guest lecture. Once in a Semester and on any exigency
4. Committee for Professional and other Association Activities Dept. level committee constituted by the HOD concerned To Provide opportunities to staff, students to bring out their knowledge, innovative talents, skills and to develop leadership qualities, team spirit etc. through their respective departments association / club activities. To arrange and conduct various seminars, workshops, guest lecturers short term courses, competitions etc., in each department independently based on the prescribed norms and guide lines with periodical review. Once in a semester and on any exigency
5. Alumni Association Committee Senior Faculty as Coordinator with One Faculty from each Department To facilitate interaction between the alumni and current students of the college so as to create awareness about the industry needs, standards, state of technology etc., and also to arrange for placement and resource persons from the industry for guest lectures. Prescribing guide lines for the various activities of the association, Selecting Association student members periodically. Publishing and circulating News letter. Conducting alumni meetings. Inviting alumni students to share their industry experience and render their helps in inviting companies for placements and experts for guest lectures. Once in a year
6. Professional Society Chapters: ISTE /IE(I)/IETE/ CSI/ ICTACT / ISA /IEEE, Renewable Energy Club etc. One Teaching Staff from the care taking department as Coordinator, HOD concerned as the Mentor To motivate all the Teaching Staff/Technical staff and students to be members of the society and arrange for conducting workshops/ Seminars/Short term Course etc., by availing grant etc., of various professional societies periodically so as to enable the staff and students to develop their knowledge, skills and leadership qualities. Motivating all the staff and students to be member of the ISTE/IE/CSI planning, preparing and sending proposals to various professional societies such as ISTE/CSI, etc, for obtaining their grants/permissions etc., Arranging and conducting students chapter activities programmes effectively. Conducting meeting periodically for the effectiveness of the activities. Once in six months
7. Industry- Institute -Interaction Cell & Entrepreneurship Development Cell Head of Placement as Coordinator with One Faculty from each Department To promote the level of interaction between industry & institute to give exposure to students and staffs on real life situations of industries and make them understand the industrial atmosphere about the latest technological challenges and developments in the industries. To explore the potential available for research and consultancy works. To acquire knowledge from industrial experts. Arranging industrial visits. Coordinating with the departments for inviting industry experts for special/guest lecturers/conference/ workshops/short term and refresher courses, FDP etc. Facilitating students to do mini/regular projects in industries. Arranging industrial training for staff/students during summer/winter vacations. Once in 3 months
Sl.No. Name of the Committee Convener and Members Purpose Activity Periodicity of meeting
1. Cultural Committee Senior Faculty as Coordinator supported by few members from different departments with few lady faculties To motivate and guide students and staff to bring out their talents and skills in varies fields of fine arts, music, etc by providing suitable opportunities at college level and by permitting to participate in all approved competitions at all other colleges etc. To list out the students interested in cultural activities so as to plan, arrange and conduct suitable programmes in the college. Selecting talented students to participate in competitions. Once in a year
2. N.S.S Cell Senior Faculty as Coordinator To give an extensive dimension to the higher education system and orient the student youth to do community services to uplift the rural people. To plan, organize and conduct blood donation and other campus and social awareness activities in the rural area with the help of NSS members and students. Once in six months
3. Youth Red Cross Society Senior Faculty as Coordinator To impart the students in social services and in varies competitions in fine arts viz. oratorical, essay writing painting etc., so as to explore their creative thinking and talents. Arranging various camps and conducting competitions. Motivating the students to actively take part in various activities. Reviewing the YRC activities. Once in six month
4. Sports Committee Senior Faculty as Coordinator supported by two other Senior Faculties as Members, Physical Director To select students for different games, team selection. To motivate and train the students to a take part in sports meet at college/zonal levels. To provide necessary advice for sports facilities. To motivate students to participate Anna University Zonal, Inter Zonal, TIES and other reputed tournaments and sports activities. To organize various sports events in the institute. Once in a semester
Sl.No. Name of the Committee Convener and Members Purpose Activity Periodicity of meeting
1 Campus Maintenance & Monitoring Committee Senior Faculty as Coordinator with One Faculty from each Department To develop and maintain a greenery and conductive environment in the entire campus including of classroom, labs, staff room etc. To take round the buildings and campus at frequent intervals. Checking of all classes/labs etc., for its neatness Suggestion for development of campus neatness. Once in a Semester
2 College Transport Committee Senior Faculty as Coordinator, One faculty as In-charge for each bus To provide and maintain college transport facilities to students and staff effectively including for local industrial visits etc. Conducting periodical meeting collecting required data and other particulars form students and staff fixing deferent routes and maintaining time schedule .Arrange transports for local industrial visits’ etc. Once in a year
3 Grievances and Redressal Cell & Women’s Harassment Cell One Senior Lady Faculty as Coordinator To provide opportunity to the students/staff to spell out and share their grievances’ or problem with students/staff to solve or to get remedial measures. Receiving grievances or problems, make necessary enquiries with the help of a committee, sorting out the issues by suggesting remedial measures such as counseling, penalty or any suitable actions with the approval of the Principal. Once in a Semester and on any exigency
4 Hostel Advisory Committee Senior HOD as Coordinator, two Senior Faculty as Members To Advice the Wardens on various hostel activities so as to make the hostel a nice place for the students to stay and study. To make surprise visits to the hostels. To make suggestions for improvements in the functioning of the hostel and mess in order to maintain cleanliness and discipline Once in a Semester & on any exigency
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