Civil Engineering

Vision of the Department

To produce technically and ethically qualified Civil Engineering graduates committed for the sustainable development of the society.

Mission of the Department

  • To create an excellent and creative environment for training the students in innovative technologies.
  • To develop students with outstanding professional and entrepreneurial skills.

From the HOD's Desk:

Civil Engineering is a broad field of engineering which involves planning Design, construction maintenance and management of structures or public works.

Civil Engineering deals with construction and maintenance of buildings, bridges, roads, railways, structures, water supply & sewer, Irrigation, power & environment. Alternate Building materials, Green buildings, structural health monitoring, safety and fire practices are the recent developments and the most sought after topics in branch

Civil Engineering Department of DSCE aims at developing analytical and experimental skills in students to apply in various fields of Civil Engineering.

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Courses Offered

Courses Offered:

UG Program: Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in Civil Engineering (CV).

PG Program: M.Tech Programme in Structural Engineering (CSE) and Highway Technology (CHT)

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Highlights Of The Department

Faculty centric

  • H K RAMARAJU., Pollution Potential Mechanisms of Urban Aquifers of Greater Bangalore using Remote Sensing Techniques -A case study ,Karnataka, South India. Presented the paper at the 35 th International Geological Congress, held at Cape Town , South Africa ,27 Aug-3 September 2016.
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Invited Talks



News and Events

Technical fest “YUKTHI - 2016”:

Department of Civil Engineering in collaboration with Indian concrete Institute (ICI) organized and conducted one day Student technical fest “YUKTHI-2016” as part of ICI student chapter on 5th October 2016.

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Department Publications

  • Our faculty actively pursue work in professional practice, research and service projects, and participation in publications, and presentations of papers at professional meetings. The results of participation in these activities have contributed.
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Alumni Meet

Alumni Meet – 2013 was conducted on 04th May 2013 by the Department of Civil Engineering.

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DSI has an elite placement division to facilitate the placements for all students.

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Programme Outcomes

  • Student should practice Civil Engineering using up-to-date techniques, skills and tools as a result of life-long learning.
  • Student should identify, analyze, formulate and use the appropriate computing techniques in Civil Engineering for obtaining solutions of varying complexities.
  • Student should design, implement and evaluate practical problems to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, health, safety and sustainability.
  • Student should design a system or component to satisfy the code requirements in Civil Engineering.
  • Student should pursue postgraduate studies in reputed universities and to face competitive examinations that offer challenging and rewarding careers at global level.
  • Student should have an understanding of professional, ethical, legal, security and social issues and ability to communicate effectively, both in writing and oral.


  • Students should gain the ability to identify, analyze, formulate and solve different challenges of Civil Engineering problems.
  • Students will develop good communication skills and should be able to convey their ideas clearly.
  • Students should develop mathematical skills, scientific basics and fundamental knowledge of Civil Engineering.
  • To produce graduates with professional ethics who are prepared for life-long learning to update their knowledge.
  • Students should develop an understanding of the multidisciplinary approach and ability to relate engineering issues to broader social and human context, in which their engineering contributions will be utilized.
  • Students should develop professional skills that help them for immediate employment and higher studies.