Information Science and Engineering

Vision of the Department

To be the foremost department in the field of technical education, innovative research through team work for the benefit of society.

Mission of the Department

  • To empower the students with the fundamentals for a successful career in the field of Information Science and Engineering.
  • To provide education through Post-graduation, Research & Development to upgrade skills and knowledge.
  • To train professional behavior, team work and leadership abilities for the benefit of society.

To provide service to the society through nurturing responsible Engineers.

From the HOD's Desk:

The Information explosion together with the development in technology has led to the convergence of traditional communication media and turned the Information Era into a web of integrated communication connections. Rapid development in information sector has given rise to a whole new generation of opportunities and careers and necessitates the training of information intermediaries and content producers.

Department of ISE has dedicated staffs who, through on-going research, keep abreast of new developments in our specialized fields of study, presenting many papers at conferences, publishing widely in international and locally accredited journals, and producing research outputs of international standard. Staffs of ISE not only train the students academically but also excel them to get practical knowledge of current trends in technology by organizing seminars, workshops, technical talks from industry experts.

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Course Offered

Courses Offered:

UG Program: Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in Information Science and Engineering (ISE).

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Highlights Of The Department

Faculty centric

  • Mrs. Sharon Christa, Dr. Suma V was presented with best paper award for the paper titled “Big Data Management System for Personal Privacy using SW and SDF”, on 9th January 2016 in 3rd International Conference on Information Systems Design and Intelligence Applications at Vishakhapatnam.
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Invited Talks



Department News

Techinical Seminar:

Department of ISE conducted a technical seminar on 'Data Stuctures & it's Applications' by Prof. A. M. Padma Reddy on 27th September 2016.

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Department Publication

  • Our faculty actively pursue work in professional practice, research and service projects, and participation in publications, and presentations of papers at professional meetings. The results of participation in these activities have contributed.
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Alumni Details

  • The Alumni Meet for the Alumni students of the Department of Information Science was conducted on the 28th of March, 2015 at 11am in the Department
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  • DSI has an elite placement division to facilitate the placements for all students.
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Programme Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an ability to apply mathematical skills appropriate to the ISE discipline and shall demonstrate an understanding of algorithms/problem statement and data structures/data flow and understanding of architecture..
  • Demonstrate proficiency in collecting, analyzing and interpreting data and shall demonstrate problem solving ability.
  • Demonstrate an ability to design a system, component or process to meet desired needs or within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety, manufacturability and sustainability.
  • Be able to work effectively on a multidisciplinary teams.
  • Demonstrate and understanding of the principles and practices for software/hardware design and development to real problems
  • Demonstrate and understanding of the professional and ethical consideration of computing.
  • Be able to effectively communicate orally and in written form.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the impact of engineering solution in a global, economic, environmental and societal context.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge and capabilities necessary for pursuing a professional career or graduate studies and recognize the need for and show ability for continuing professional development.
  • Knowledge of contemporary issues.

Demonstrate an understanding of emergent technologies and a working knowledge of currently available ISE software tools


  • PEO1 - Graduates shall have strong foundation in fundamentals to solve Engineering problems in different domains.
  • PEO2 - Graduates shall be professional in engineering practice and can demonstrate good problem solving and communication skills.
  • PEO3 - Graduates shall have successful careers as Information Science Engineers and be able to lead & manage teams.
  • PEO4 - Graduates shall be pursuing post graduation, research and engage in the process of life-long learning.
  • PEO5 - Graduates shall be socially responsible and contribute to solving social issues.