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Diploma Nov/Dec 2018 examinations Revaluation and Photocopy

Students who wish to apply for revaluation/Photocopy have to pay the fees in SBI Shivajinagar:
Rs. 550/- (Revaluation) for each subject on or before 03/2/2018
Rs. 250/- (Photocopy) for each subject on or before 03/2/2018
Separate challans are to be used for each subject
Separate challans for photocopy and revaluation
Note: Challans are available at the Xerox shop opposite the Bank
Important: After paying the relevant fees for Revaluation/Photocopy, the original bank challan along with the application form must be submitted to the college office on or before 05/2/2018 within 4.00 P.M.
Students failing submit the challans to the office must understand that issue of photocopy / revaluation will not be processed.

SCHEDULE for April/May 2018 Examination Fees Payment

All students are required to pay the examination fees online for April/May 2018 as per the BTE order BTE/04/EAP/2017.
Current semester : Rs. 350/-
For 1 or 2 Back subjects for each of the previous semester s: Rs. 250/-
For 3 or more than 3 back subjects for each of the previous semesters: Rs. 350/-
Exam fees without fine - on or before 24/2/2018
Rs. 50/- fine for each semester from 26/2/2018 to 5/3/2018
Rs. 100/- fine for each semester from 6/3/2018 to 12/3/2018
Rs. 200/- fine for each semester from 13/3/2018 to 19/3/2018
Rs. 400/- fine for each semester from 20/3/2018 to 27/3/2018
Year back students should submit the duly filled exam application form to the college office along with passport size photograph & self-attested Xerox copy of authentic ID - Proof.
SPECIAL FINE: Exam fees can be paid with Special fine of Rs. 2000/- for each semester from 28/03/2018 to 1/4/2018 at SBI Shivajinagar, Bengaluru after obtaining prior approval from the BTE in the relevant format.
Students paying exam fees with special fine should submit the exam application form, along with Original BTE approval letter, original fees paid challan, passport size photograph and self-attested Xerox copy of authentic ID-Proof to the college office on or before 1/4/2018.

Instructions For Making Online Payment

  1. Go to website:
  2. Click on "Pay Fee Online"
  3. Under the heading "Other Institutes", Click "PAY NOW"
  4. Click on "Proceed"
  6. "ENTER USN" - Enter Register No. in capital letters only.
  7. Check details and proceed further to pay fees.
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  • Best Guides The Experts of their Subject
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  • Build Your Dreams At DSI
  • DSI Beyond National Boundaries
  • Graduation With Best Learning
  • Nurturing The Champions
  • Opportunities Beyond Expectations
  • Our Proud Launches
  • Prominents Visits to DSI
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