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DSI has entered into strategic academic partnership with universities in the

  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America
  • China
  • The Royal Government of Bhutan
  • The Government of Nepal
  • The United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom


  • Alliance with NEWI - University of Wales
  • Academic partnership; to offer a post diploma program in aviation maintenance
  • To offer twinning programs in Electronics & Communication, Computer Science, Information Technology,
  • Art & Design
  • Management
  • Student & Faculty exchange University of Abertay Dundee, Scotland
  • Partnership to help students in the post-graduation course to do a part of their study in Biological Sciences in Scotland
  • Avail the opportunities to stay in Scotland for two more years, engage in research or Receive employment
  • University to send senior faculty to spend time in DSI as Adjunct Faculty


Universities of CSFU and Wuhan

  • DSI to offer undergraduate program in IT as a Bangalore University – CSFU and Bangalore University - Wuhan partnership
  • Program approved by the University Grants Commission and the Bangalore University


  • International Directors and Faculties of 29 Universities from Finnish Universities visited the DSI campus and signed an MOU, which allows for academic partnership, student and faculty exchanges programs.


  • Government of Bhutan has signed an MOU with DSI which allows for students to study in the DSI colleges faculty exchange etc.


  • Government of Nepal has recognized DSI as a Center of higher education for Nepalese students to join courses in the DSI colleges.


  • Government of Afghanistan is in talks with DSI for an academic partnership.