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  • The only campus to plan and execute Country Week programmes
  • The IBM Centre of Excellence at DSI is ranked as the best in the country
  • The student chapter of IEEE at DSI is declared as the Best in the country
  • DSI has the Largest Academic Alliances with universities across the world
  • DSI is the first campus to have the US Professor’s Week as an annual event
  • DSI receives the Largest Exchange Students from campuses across the world
  • DSI wins the 2010-11 Best Display Award in the Deccan Herald education exhibition against 300 colleges
  • DSI is the only campus in the city to host senior managers from IBM representing this MNC from over 30 countries
  • The first campus to plan and execute Project: Woman Accomplished to transform homemakers into work ready people
  • DSI co-founds the International Institute for Sustainable Enterprise under the leadership of Dr. Stuart Hart of Cornell University