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DSI colleges are situated in the heart of Bangalore (12 58 N 77 35 E, 920m altitude), India’s “Garden City” also known as the “Silicon Valley”, which ranks among the most dynamic, progressive and fascinating of Indian cities, is also the nerve center for Biotechnology, Genetics and Information Technology. Burgeoning with technology firms and characterized by a high rate of development, it is one of Asia’s fastest growing cities.

The city of Bangalore is well connected with all principal cities of India by road, rail and air. Kempegowda International Airport has direct flights to a number of destinations across the globe.

Defense establishments such as the Department of Space, aeronautical laboratories, premier educational institutions like the Indian Institute of Science, the Indian Institute of Management and many large public sector organizations have brought in a large technical and scientific pool, that is a reflection of the development over the last sixty years.

This vast knowledge base present in varied institutions in the city, together with the ever-increasing number of professionals, many of whom are willing to work with academic institutions, makes Bangalore a great centre of learning. Perfectly complementing its development is its culture, comprised of a cosmopolitan crowd that is also at ease with traditional pockets and keeps the city lively. When it comes to science and technology, its development is on par with the most developed countries. Bangalore is famous for its climate, which is extremely good throughout the year and contributes significantly to a student’s sense of well being.