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Edu Air Campaign:

An initiative to protect our home, Earth…. was organized and students along with their handmade sketches about the quotes and initiatives to be taken to avoid air pollution. The public was very happy with our initiative and appreciated our team. The feedback with respect to the campaign has also been collected. Click here for more..

Care Campaign :

“Deeds of giving are the very foundations of the world"
Helping the needy is one of the greatest gifts we can give….. …….” With such an inspiring quote we (the department of M.Com) organized a special campaign by name "Care Campaign". Click here for more..

‘ACT NOW’….A workshop was organized by our department in association with 'Volunteer for a Better India’ , an initiative of 'Art of Living' foundation.
Around 300 students were addressed at Dr. C D Sagar auditorium ,DSI Campus one. VFABI is a project for making a difference to our country & above all oneself. VFABI aims to bring youth together to address the critical issues affecting India like HIV and AIDS, the declining child sex ratio, sexual and reproductive health and rights, various issues affecting youth, environmental sustainability, drug and substance abuse, inequality in education and entrepreneurial opportunities, corruption and child protection issues.

The team of VFABI were Ms. Devi, Mr. Daniel, Mrs. Gowri, Ms. Amrita, Mr. Srikanth. Mr. Srikanth addressed the gathering about Rejuvenation of Kumudavathi river, where the students can take part in project on weekends to extend their shoulder towards revival of river’s. Ms.Devi briefed about Act to save a girl child, against sexual harassment, inequality in education, female feticide, child labor etc.Mrs. Gowri, addressed the gathering about health, hygiene and safety.Mr. Daniel gave a brief description about life in Metropolitan city, day to day problems that struck our life, leadership qualities and so on.

A Call was given to our students to join their hands by registering themselves as Volunteers in the team and students enrolled their names in the projects to spend their weekends in serving the society.It was a fabulous and mind blowing session which created a sense of responsibility of each one of us in addressing current issues.