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Workshop on "Strategies for Technological Commercialization" by Mr. N.G. Lakshmi Narayan

IEDC conducted Workshop on "Strategies for Technological Commercialization" - An IP workshop for faculty members to educate on the patent filing, NRDC support for technology commercialization. The workshop was conducted on 18th May 2015 from 9.30 AM to 1.00 PM in our AV auditorium, main library.
Mr. N.G. Lakshmi Narayan is an IIT Kharagpur Master Graduate in the field of Bio Technology. 22+ years of experience in innovation/technology management viz., acquisition, evaluation, protection, value-addition and commercialization of innovations / technologies in areas of Agriculture, Horticulture, Sericulture, Food & Nutritional Sciences, Biochemistry, Applied Microbiology, Agri Chemistry, Plant and Animal Biotechnology, Chemicals, Bio-chemicals, etc. Workshop majorly focused on the procedures to file the patents, Value addition to the projects, the role of NRDC in supporting Entrepreneurship and IP Protection, and Licensing. Mr.Lakshmi Narayan also dealt on the funding agencies that can facilitate the Individual and the MSME's for taking the innovation to the later stage of commercializing it. He explained the process of engagement that NRDC will have with the Institute's entrepreneurs, who may or may not have filed the patent. Initially, screening of the Ideas will have to be done by a panel of members who will be in the Institutes Patent Cell. After successful screening of the ideas from the Institute's end, NRDC also conducts a screening and then processes it for Patent filing. He added that, NRDC provides Value Addition: NRDC conducts market survey and / market analysis of the process / product for its techno-economic feasibility / viability, basic engineering design package. He elaborated the process of Licensing and Industrial relations to be maintained in order to have the long term sustenance and various steps to follow during Licensing. Faculties across different Branches actively participated and there was a good interaction level with the speaker. The forum also consisted of a few faculty members who had already processed their provisional patent with the concerned patent authorities.