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1. About Terranova

Terranova is an Earth’s field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance system developed by Magritek from Germany. Terranova is the ideal system for hands-on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) learning. The Terranova-MRI uses the Earth’s magnetic field as the primary field for an MRI imaging system that is affordable, compact, lightweight and safe. Teaching modern pulsed NMR & MRI techniques is easy with the Terranova-MRI teaching system. Terranova can do MRI experiments such as Spin-Warp/Spin-Echo (SE) Imaging, Gradient Echo (GE) Imaging and Filtered Back Projection (FBP) Imaging. The system also comes with a wide range of standard NMR experiments including T1, T2, spin echo, and pulsed gradient spin echo (PGSE)

Terranova MRI components


myRIO is a portable embedded system-on-chip design tool, which makes the task easier and simpler using customizable field programmer gate array (FPGA) and programmable ARM cortex –A9 on the same SOC which can be programmed using C/LABVIEW. It has 667MHz, Z-7010 processor and connectors, mini system port (MSP), myRIO extension port (MXP) and Wi-Fi capabilities allow deploying applications remotely and allow the wireless data transfers. Forty digital I/O lines overall with support for SPI, PWM out, quadrature encoder Input, UART, and I2C. All of this functionality is built in and preconfigured in the default FPGA functionality, which eliminates the need for expansion boards or “shields”. Ultimately, these features allow doing real-world data processing from radio-controlling vehicles to creating stand-alone medical devices. .

3.Software Defined Radio(SDR)

In Communication technology rapid growth leads it to make transition from analog to digital,and SDR plays a vital role in this transition.

A Software defined radio is re configurable and re programmable radio, which is well known as SDR,is hardware platform acts as transceiver. A major concepts of radio is to configured it into a common software platform and use it into different areas.SDR converts RF signal into digital format and back to desired analog frequencies, covers the frequencies from 9KHz to 300GHz.

SDR provides flexibility and re configurable function enhances its performance without changing its hardware. One of the major advantages is security hence it is used in military applications.

Other applications includes Wireless communication Systems,Mobile communication, Signal processing ,Radio Technology.

4.3D Printer:

Dimension Dual Delta XL 3D System is a Delta style 3d printer designed by J Group Robotics, with a build volume of 420 mm X 720 mm X 420 mm which is more compact, portable and desktop friendly. It is designed for high precision 3d printing which results in to unbelievable surface finish of the 3d printed parts where no post process required.