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  • Pharmaceutical
  • Welcome to Pharmaceutical Chemistry

DSCP started M.Pharm in Pharmaceutical Chemistry in the year 2007-08. The department is actively involved in the following research activities.

  1. Synthesis of Heteroaryl nucleus and screening for their possible anticancer activity.
  2. Synthesis of the new molecules by using green chemistry.
  3. Synthesis of novel organic molecules as potent anticancer, antiinflammatory, antihistaminic, Antitubercular drugs.
  4. Bioconversion of drug intermediates as stereo specific molecules.
  5. Study of polymorphic forms of drug molecules.
  6. Isolation and characterization of chemical constituents from medicinal plants and evaluation of pharmacological activity.

The department is actively involved in publishing the research papers in National / International journals and National / International conferences.

The department has received research grants from RGUHS to pursue research activities.

Sponsored national seminars/workshops and faculty development programs are organized on a regular basis to upgrade the knowledge of students and staff.