Architecture plays an essential role in shaping the society. At our school we aim to develop the School of Architecture into an internationally acclaimed centre for Architectural Education that will help students to develop into professionals that critically engage with the development and formation of societies by designing sustainable spaces for live work and play.
To develop the School of Architecture into a vibrant and creative learning centre for design studies by providing qualified faculty and excellent infrastructure leading to research and development activities.
The objectives of the Bachelor of Architecture program are translated into a number of learning outcomes which are directly related to the profession of architecture, the way in which it is practiced, and the knowledge components necessary for such a practice. Successful students shall be competent in the following areas and display an ability to:

  • Conceptualize architectural design, addressing social, cultural, environmental and technological aspects of the built environment.
  • Apply creative problem solving skills to architectural problem solving.
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of architectural history, theory, and practice in the solution of architectural design problems in a global society.
  • Employ freehand drawing, architectural graphics, and model building skills in the solution of design problems.
  • Utilize the computer as a tool in a wide range of documentation and presentation applications.
  • Apply communication skills, both visual and verbal, at various stages of the architectural design and project delivery processes.
An ability to employ architectural research methods including data collection and analysis to assess and propose improvements in existing built environments to work collaboratively with various interdisciplinary design teams involved in the building industry.