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Ms. Ashwitha R
Batch of 2014-2017, Bachelor’s in Computer Application

DSI is the best college which provided me an ideal platform to develop my skills and to be able to face the challenges of modern world. It is an ideal centre of learning which inculcated the appropriate skill set and knowledge to equip me to be successful in the professional world. I am very grateful for the guidance and support provided and it always remain in my memory.
Ms. Ashwitha R

Ashwin Kripal
Batch of 2013-2016, Bachelor’s in Computer Application

“My stay in DSI is cherished with great moments. I found excellence in professors. They were friendly and approachable at any point of time. The college provided me a great platform to pursue my interest and helped me in achieving my goal. I personally enjoyed learning in such a great social atmosphere. I enjoyed learning in such a diverse student population. My creative ideas were supported by professors and became research projects."
Ashwin Kripal

Karthik Bhaskar
Batch of 2011-2014, Bachelor’s in Computer Application

“It was a wonderful experience associating with DSI. It gave me good base to start-off in industry. We have been coached by highly qualified, experienced and influential lecturers. The years in DSI are most cherished moments of mine. DSI certainly provided a platform for global learning. I would like to congratulate DSI for all the efforts it has put to gain a prestigious status in today’s competitive world."
Karthik Bhaskar

Anoop P. Simha
Batch of 2011, Bachelor’s in Computer Application
Master of Science in Information Studies 2014-2015,
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Email: [email protected]

“ I cherish every moment of my stay at DSI which was an exceptionally fine educational experience. The competency and the professionalism of the professors were nothing less than outstanding. I found finest lecturers who were approachable and friendly at any point of time. I still keep in touch with few who are part of my close network. It was an excellent learning environment with a modern lab and a stocked library. The college’s emphasis on innovation and leadership and as well as on sports and cultural activities is still memorable. DSI was foremost platform in providing an exposure to students from different nationalities and culture which was one amongst my motivating factor to take up advanced learning abroad."
Anoop P. Simha

Aman Gulati
Batch of 2012-2015,
Bachelor’s in Computer Application

“ Application Development has always been my goal, and Dayananda Sagar strongly encourages this. At this prestigious institution, I have received the best education not only from the professors,but also from intelligent students from all over the world.

As I am deeply interested in Computer Science, Dayananda Sagar provided me with a great platform to pursue my interest and helped me in achieving my goal of becoming an Application Developer.

The student diversity, great social atmosphere, and melting pot of cultures at Dayananda Sagar enriched my learning experience.

In Dayananda Sagar, because of the diverse student population, I enjoyed learning about different cultures and also got the chance to share my culture with others. Dayananda Sagar provided me with hands-on educational experience.

Original and creative ideas were supported and became research projects. To me, Dayananda Sagar has been a place where people make their ideas come true, It has provided me with a mass of class discussions, totally different perspectives, and authentic friendships.”

Aman Gulati