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DSSIT committed to excellence, with a holistic approach has consistently maintained the highest standards in education which can only be ensured by quality teaching of the finest calibre. The staff comprises of teaching, non-teaching, supporting staff and placement officer.

The details are given below:

Academic Staff

S.No Staff Name Qualification Designation Email ID Photo
1 Mr. HEMANTH UPPALA M.Sc (CS), (Ph.D) Asst. Prof& HOD-BCA [email protected] HEMANT
2 Dr. DEBABRATA SAMANTHA MCA, Ph.D Associate professor [email protected] Debabratasamanta
3 Dr. KUMUDAVALLI M V M.Sc (IT), M.Phil, Ph.D Asst. Prof. [email protected] Kumudavalli
4 Dr. KAVITHA S M.Sc (CS), M.Phil, Ph.D Asst. Prof. [email protected] Dr. KAVITHA S
5 Mr. GURUNATH R MCA, .Phil, (Ph.D) Asst. Prof [email protected] Mr. GURUNATH R
6 Mrs. SARAKUTTY T K MCA, .Phil, (Ph.D) Asst. Prof [email protected] Mrs. SARAKUTTY T K
7 Mrs. ARUNADEVI C MCA, M.Phil (CS), (Ph.D) Asst. Prof [email protected] Mrs. ARUNADEVI C
8 Mrs. NIVETHITHA K S MCA, M.Phil Asst.Prof. [email protected] Mrs. NIVETHITHA K S
9 Mrs. SRIVATSALA V MCA, (Ph.D) Asst.Prof. [email protected] Mrs. SRIVATSALA V
10 Mr. VIJAY KUMAR C M M.Sc, M.phil, (Ph.D) Asst.Prof. [email protected] Mr. VIJAY KUMAR C M
11 Mrs. AMTUL HAI MCA Asst.Prof. [email protected] Mrs. AMTUL HAI
12 Mrs. RANJINI K S M.Sc Mathematics Asst.Prof. [email protected] Mrs. RANJINI K S
13 Mrs. KOHILA KANAGALAKSHMI MCA, M.Tech, M.Phil, (Ph.D) Asst.Prof. [email protected] Mrs. KOHILA KANAGALAKSHMI
14 Mrs. SUNITHA M.Sc (CS) Asst.Prof. [email protected] Mrs. SUNITHA
15 Mrs. ROOPA B S M.S. (IT) Asst.Prof. [email protected] Mrs. ROOPA B S
16 Mrs. SHWETA H B M.A., M.Phil Asst.Prof. [email protected] Mrs. SHWETA H B

KEY Persons in the Department

1. Mr.Hemanth Uppala HOD - BCA 9980837449
2. Dr. Debabrata Samantha Research Coordinator 9239537363
3. Dr. Kumudavall M V Research coordinator 9980135525

Non Teaching Staff

S.No Name Designation
1 Mr. Varun Kumar Burli System Administrator Mr. Varun Kumar Burli
2 Mr. Madhu Babu System Programmer Mr.Madhu Babu
3 Mrs. Shruthi Office Assistant Mrs. Shruthi
4 Mrs.Veena Badrinath Office Assistant Mrs.Veena Badrinath
5 Mr. Sunil Office Assistant Mr. Sunil
6 Ms. Kavitha Lab Instructor Ms. Kavitha

Placement Office

S.No Name Designation Phone No
1 Mr.Guru Venkatesh Placement Officer 080 - 26663981
2 Mrs. Nagesh P Placement Officer 080 - 41666074
3 Mrs. Kohila Kanagalakshmi Dept. Placement Coordinator 080 - 26665461

Library staff

S.No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Mr.Sanjay H.R Chief Librarian M.L.I.Sc, M.Phil
2 Mrs.Malathi T.N Asst.Librarian M.L.I.Sc
3 Mrs. Padma Library assistant Dip.library science