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Industry Visit Schedules - Names of the Companies proposed

DSSIT believes in the importance of giving its students extensive corporate exposure alongside invaluable academic inputs to ensure their holistic development. The extensive corporate interface ensures this perfect mix of industry and academic intellect.

Calendar for Industrial Visits:

S.No Date of Visit Name of the Organization Chief Coordinator
1 15-11-2011 ITPL Mr. Anil Kumar
2 13-12-2011 Global Village Mrs. Aruna Devi
3 05-1-2012 IIIT Mr. Srivatsala
S.No Date of Visit Name of the Organization Chief Coordinator
1 28-2-2015 IISc Mr. Anil Kumar and Mrs. Samyukta Muttin
2 09-02-2014 ISRO Mrs. Pratima and Mrs Ranjini
3 05-1-2012 IIIT Mr. Srivatsala
4 13-12-2011 Global Village Mrs. Aruna Devi

Other Training Program Schedules

  1. Induction Batch 2011 – 2014

    Induction is absolutely vital for new starters. On the point of values, institution philosophy, code of conduct, academic integrity, individual responsibility, learning, interpersonal relationship, department structure, professional relationship with faculty members. Induction training offers a wonderful early opportunity to establish clear foundations and expectations in terms of understanding the systems and processes, academic interest, key resources, key persons and acquaintance for the benefit of both the ward and the teaching fraternity.

    Three Days High Impact Induction

    Day I:

    About DSI & Department., Academic Planner 2010. Handbook (Rules & Regulations), Learning Core Subjects, Meet your mentors & Coordinators.

    Day II:

    Problem Solving Techniques, Personality Development, Communication skills, Dress code & Discipline, Behaviour etc.

    Day III: Syllabus briefing, Original document collection, Database creation.

  2. CIL Training Schedule(s)

    The training modules will be delivered through a combination of Coach-Lead Training, world-class videos (for maximum retention and recall) learning aids, Simulations, Exercises, Role-plays, Case studies etc. These techniques facilitate understanding of the concepts and the principles of the topics under discussion. The training includes Interpersonal skills, personal Grooming, personal effectiveness, Group discussion, etc. The training will also incorporate pre-training subject evaluation to identify trainee’s proficiency and Post-training subject evaluation to identify trainee’s level of knowledge after training. An on-line training assessment will also be conducted. At the end of the training program CIL certification is awarded to all the participants.

  3. CIL Training Schedule:

    Date Program Trainer
    29/11/2011 Working in Teams Mr. Rohit Narain
    Personal Grooming & Etiquette Ms.Vandana Mehta
    NLP Mr. Shiv Kumar
    Group Discussion Ms. Arpita
    Venue: CIL, 4th Floor, Dr. C D Sagar Centre for Life Sciences
    Timings: 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM (inclusive of two recess periods)

DSI level programmes schedules

Inter Class Events

The purpose of Inter Class events is to create an interactive floor-wide community which focuses on assisting students with their assimilation into college life. This is to be done both socially and academically, via interactions between classes, as well as planned activities and events coordinated punctiliously. Campus speaker(s), discussion panels and academic conferences are some examples of academic events that cross disciplinary boundaries and take place outside of individual classrooms. Activities like IT Quiz, study on recent research issues and software trends takes the student’s to the new level of learning and display of their skills within the peer group leads to competition within.
Note: Bonus 5% attendance for participation + Certification + Winner and Runner-Up awards for each individual event  

Ethnic Day

Most ethnic groups possess aesthetic central to their culture that are embodied in particular art forms such as music, visual arts, drama and myth. In the department Ethnic day is organized to create awareness and bring alive at the aesthetic values in the students by encouraging them to wear the ethnic wear, which is losing its value in the galore of present days, when the younger generation are losing their identities as Indians. In order to re-awaken this feeling among the students are asked to dress in ethnic garments.

In the era of modernization and westernization, the ethnic day celebrations make us respect out own culture. It brings respect and love towards the ethnic culture of our land. More than the formal look, the cultural look is being respected most on the day. It is a good way of appreciating and paying a tribute to your roots.

Parents meet:

Let your parents know your progress in the course. Bring them to the campus to know happenings on the campus. Let this be an opportunity for your parents to be proud of you and your college. 
Venue: Dr. C D Sagar Auditorium; Timings: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Contact: Your respective class teachers & coordinators

Alumni Meet:

An alumni association for the previous batch students was formed and a subsequent meeting was organized to facilitate continued link between them and alma-mater even after their departure. The 2007 - 2010 batch Alumni meet will be held on 25th September 2010.
Venue: Dr. C D Sagar Auditorium; Timings: 10:00
Contact: Mrs. Suneetha V

News and Events

Seminars/ Workshop/ Guest Lecture series/ Faculty Development Program organized by the MCA/BCA/B.Sc.-CS Department:


    A Week long cultural programs held during the month of September every year. Swatarang means the “wave of joy” created by the students and for the students. This week is embarked with colours as they start with Rainbow week concept. It is then followed by Dumbcharades, Pick & act, Debate, Collage, Rangoli etc. with a whole day dedicated to respect and to celebrate Teacher’s day. Finally it concludes with the Food Fest, where varities of food products are prepared by the students. It’s a feast the taunge as we get to taste many countries food  products.


    A Group of students from our department (Team COPY(W)RIGHT) with the departments assistance initiated the department NEWS letter – COPY(W)RIGHT. It revolves round with the activities held and to be conducted during the semester, the latest technological initiatives across the globe, glimpse of the new Gadgets with a Tech- Talk report by experts.

  1. Ethnic Day:

    Every year the department celebrates Ethnic Day. All the students dress up in lovely ethnic wear like kurtas, dhotis, sarees. This is a great opportunity for the girls and boys to showcase their talent, mingle with each other and click photos. Mr.Ethnic and Miss Ethnic trophies were given to freshers


    A seminar on Java and was given by Aqueel an alumni of Dayananda Sagar College. Mr. Aqeel studied in Dayananda Sagar College in 2011 batch got placed in two companies through college but did not start his career in those companies. Professional experience: Worked as Software Engineer for SAP labs for 1 year 4 months. Currently working as Senior Software Engineer for JDA software from past 1 year. From last 2.5 years working only on Java development.

  1. Web Designing Event:

    Conducted on 4th March 2014, On Topic:”Institutional Websites”, “This competition was conducted for our students to test their creativity skills. There were 10 teams which had participated in the event, each team had maximum of three members. Event was conducted in new computer lab. Winners of the competition were announced on spot”. Student In-Charge: Bharath yadav S, Faculty In-charge : Mrs. Suma & Mrs Srivatsala.


    Department has conducted three day Sports Meet- 2014 on 7th, 8th & 9th March. The department understands the all round development of a student, along with technical and cultural events, sports are also encouraged to keep the student fit and strong. Sports play a very important role to inculcate in the student, the spirit of sportsmanship and competition. Sports day is one such event. Sports day was celebrated for three days. There were indoor and outdoor sports. Indoor sports events like Carom, Chess were played . Outdoor sports events were played on our college sports ground. Outdoor Events were Volleyball and Cricket for boys and Throw ball for girls. There were prizes given for individual performances and teams as a whole to encourage the students.

  1. Workshop in Software Testing :

    On 14th Mat 2014 Workshop by: Dattathreya: Senior automation test engineer in Fedility software solutions. Darshan.N : Bandwidth and telecommunication testing Team Lead and NAC in Synchronoss Technologies Pvt India LTD. Topics Covered in Software testing:

  1. Workshop in association with CSI: 

    One day workshop on “Network Security and Online risks & threats” by, Mrs. Savitha Gowda, CDAC, conducted on 27th March 2014

  1. IT Quiz Event,

    Conducted on 5th April 2014, “Before the first round we have conducted aptitude test has a preliminary round for the students who already give their names for IT quiz participation”, Total no of Teams written aptitude Test: 20, Selected Teams after preliminary round:  8”.

    In IT quiz we had four Rounds :

            ROUND 1: General Knowledge (IT) Round .
            ROUND 2: Technical Round
            ROUND 3: Buzzer Round
            ROUND 4: Rapid Fire
  Final Winners Are : Prashantha Goash & Maruthi Dumal.

  1. Dhyuthi-2014:

    An annual interdepartmental IT and cultural fest conducted in April 2014. It is to serve the purpose of inculcating curiosity in the minds of the students. Fest are to Augment the confidence level and creativity among the students and at the same time motivate them to put on their IT skills and thinking caps. As part of which many cultural and IT competitions were conducted.