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The Faculty at DSI promote discussion and critical thinking, teaching students not what to think, but how, and welcoming students in debate and research. They are committed to creating an environment where people thrive and contribute to improving the quality of life in national and global communities, as well as enhancing excellence in teaching, research and service.

S.No Staff Name Qualification Designation Email ID Photo
1 Mrs.SUNEETHA.V MCA,(Ph.D) Asst. Prof &HOD-MCA [email protected] SUNEETHA
2 Mr. HEMANTH UPPALA M.Sc (CS), (Ph.D) Asst. Prof& HOD-BCA [email protected] HEMANT
3 Dr. DEBABRATA SAMANTHA MCA, Ph.D Associate professor [email protected] Debabratasamanta
4 Dr. KUMUDAVALLI M V M.Sc (IT), M.Phil, Ph.D Asst. Prof. [email protected] Kumudavalli
5 Dr. KAVITHA S M.Sc (CS), M.Phil, Ph.D Asst. Prof. [email protected] Dr. KAVITHA S
6 Mr. GURUNATH R MCA, .Phil, (Ph.D) Asst. Prof [email protected] Mr. GURUNATH R
7 Mrs. SARAKUTTY T K MCA, .Phil, (Ph.D) Asst. Prof [email protected] Mrs. SARAKUTTY T K
8 Mrs. ARUNADEVI C MCA, M.Phil (CS), (Ph.D) Asst. Prof [email protected] Mrs. ARUNADEVI C
9 Mrs. NIVETHITHA K S MCA, M.Phil Asst.Prof. [email protected] Mrs. NIVETHITHA K S
10 Mrs. SRIVATSALA V MCA, (Ph.D) Asst.Prof. [email protected] Mrs. SRIVATSALA V
11 Mr. VIJAY KUMAR C M M.Sc, M.phil, (Ph.D) Asst.Prof. [email protected] Mr. VIJAY KUMAR C M
12 Mrs. AMTUL HAI MCA Asst.Prof. [email protected] Mrs. AMTUL HAI
13 Mrs. RANJINI K S M.Sc Mathematics Asst.Prof. [email protected] Mrs. RANJINI K S
14 Mrs. KOHILA KANAGALAKSHMI MCA, M.Tech, M.Phil, (Ph.D) Asst.Prof. [email protected] Mrs. KOHILA KANAGALAKSHMI
15 Mrs. SUNITHA M.Sc (CS) Asst.Prof. [email protected] Mrs. SUNITHA
16 Mrs. ROOPA B S M.S. (IT) Asst.Prof. [email protected] Mrs. ROOPA B S