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+Department of Economics

Head of the Department: Sri. Raghavendra H. MA.
Sri. Narayanappa V.  MA. B.Ed. M Phil.


  • Statistics for Economics                                                        

This is largely the practical-oriented aspect enabling the students to learn the use of statistics in economics.

  • Indian Economics Development

This subject helps the learners understand economics reforms, poverty, human capital formation, rural development, employment, infrastructure and sustainable development.


  • Micro Economics                                                       

It plays a significant role in economic analysis and has both theoretical and practical validity.

  • Macro Economics

Macro Economics helps to understand how the economy functions in different situations. These different situations indicate how the macro analysis finds solutions for major issues.

Project and assignments:

  • Foreign exchange reserves.
  • Multinational companies (MIVCs).
  • Business process outsourcing.
  • Self help groups.

Seminar and Workshops:

  • Foreign exchange management.
  • Globalization
  • F.D.I in retail sector.
  • Make in India.


  • Subsidy in agriculture.
  • Regulated markets and its functions.
  • Different infrastructure programs.
  • Sources of energy.
  • Currencies of the different nations.
  • Volume of India’s public debt and interest payment.


  • 2012-13              98%
  • 2013-14              96.88%

+Department of Computer Science

Head of the Department: Roopa R, B.E, (M.Tech)
Lecturers: Dharitri G,  M.Sc
Lecturers: Deepa G P, MCA

Learning is a continuous process and do not end with the acquisition of degrees. Our department aims at giving students a strong foundation in Computer Science fundamentals and Problem Solving Techniques and is adaptable to changes rather than making them learn by rote.


  • Our students participated and won third prize in the Inter College Science Exhibition in 2008
  • Conducted Seminars, Guest Lectures and Orientation Programs
  • 100% results in both Science and Commerce for three years in a row

+Department of English

Head of the Department: Smt. Kusum S Hegde MA., B Ed.,
Sri. Vasanth Desai MA.,
Smt. Aradhaa Abigeri MA., M Phil.,

We introduce many programs to effectively teach the English Language learning methods into our academics.

  1. Orientation programs in learning-teaching technique
  2. Workshops for teaching faculty regarding the new syllabus
  3. Intra and Inter class English debates
  4. Essay and creative writing programs in English language
  5. 100% results in PU Board Examination for the past five years

+Department of Commerce

Head of the Department: Smt. M Eramma M.Com.,
Lecturer: Smt. Kavitha  M. Com.,
Lecturer: Smt. K V Sreenidhi M. Com.,
CMA Lecturer: Smt. S Shruthisree M. Com.

The Commerce Department provides a supporting environment to help its students excel academically as well as in shaping them to have a balanced personality keeping in line with the college’s vision and the competitive environment. We conduct guest lectures, Seminars, Orientation Programs, and Industrial visits.


Business Studies

  • 2011 -12          98%
  • 2012-13           98%
  • 2013-14          100%


  • 2011 -12         100%
  • 2012-13          100%
  • 2013-14           99%

+Department of Biology

Head of the Department: Sri. Aravinda Kumar K S
Lecturer: Smt. Chandrakala

  • Well equipment laboratory with modern equipment
  • About 20 students can be accommodated in a batch
  • Practicals are conducted creatively involving the students 100%
  • Repeatation of experiments to enhance the performance in practical examination
  •  Periodic assignments and interaction to improve results
  • To enhance the confidence of students, remedial classes are conducted
  • Our focus on students is marked by the results of the preceding years


2013-14             98.3%
2013-13             93.18%
2011-12             86%
2010-11             100%

The previous two years have seen students achieving the maximum number of distinctions and first classes

+Department of Sanskrit

Smt. Veena Suresh BE., MA (Sanskrit)

Sanskrit is a treasure trove of knowledge that has answer to every problem related to the medical and physical fields. We encourage students to speak in Sanskrit and motivate them to write essays in Sanskrit, attend Sanskrit debates, seminars and workshops.

+Department of Chemistry


We, the faculty of Chemistry Department,
Inspiring to grow academically among the students through support and challenges and teach the subject to think more laterally and make the students to mastery over the subject.


To fulfill the vision, the department provides an environment in which every student discovers and realizes his full potential. The department has best teachers and facilitators.

Academic Excellence

Department publishing the Text books and Laboratory manual at the PUC level in Concise way to make the subject understandable.

Department is working towards the benefit of the student community with full support and one to one interaction to achieve good results in the subject.

Department achievements

Publishing the research articles at National and International journals have high impact factor in the field of Chemical Kinetics.

Department have the aim to publish the Research articles on Kinetics studies of Cancer and HIV inhibitors drugs. These research activities also help the students think higher and proceed to get better future.


  • Dr. P. R. Rangaraju, M.Sc., Ph.D., Head of the Department.
  • Sri. Chetan Rao, M.Sc.,
  • Smt. N. Ashwini, M.Sc.,
  • Smt. R. Yogambal, M.Sc., M.Phill.,

+Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics

  • B.S. Srinivasa Prasanna M.Sc - Head of the department
  • Rashmi G Parvathi M.Sc - Lecturer
  • Nagaveni S M.Sc - Lecturer


  • Good result improvement every year
  • Extra coaching for weak students

The faculty has good interaction with the students. There are set of question papers according to the blue print set by our faculty. Every week revision will be given to the students and tests are conducted according to the question papers. Repeated tests are given for weak students.

The Department is planning to implement new techniques for the betterment of the students and for the improvement of the results.

+Department of Physics

  • Vishwanathan A , M.Sc, M.phil - H.O.D of Physics
  • Chethan N , M.Sc, M.phil - Lecturer
  • Sahana H , M.Sc - Lecturer

The department has well qualified and dedicated faculty. The department is getting excellent results (above 90%) both in theory and practicals.

There is good interaction between the students and teachers which ensures a good performance of the students. The aim of the department is to ensure quality education and infuse confidence so that they face the future challenges. We strive hard to get consistent excellent results.

+Department of Hindi

Padmamalini K , M.A, B.Ed - Head of the Department

+Department of History

  • M. Bhagyarekha, M.A - Principal
  • Anita Sriranganath H S ,M.A, B.Ed - Lecturer
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  • Best Guides The Experts of their Subject
  • Best Placement Opportunities
  • Build Your Dreams At DSI
  • DSI Beyond National Boundaries
  • Graduation With Best Learning
  • Nurturing The Champions
  • Opportunities Beyond Expectations
  • Our Proud Launches
  • Prominents Visits to DSI
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