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HOD's Name : Bhagya Lakshmi S M | Email :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Contact :9591320169

  • Computer Science  engg
  • Computer Science  engg
  • Welcome to Computer Science
  • Welcome to Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is committed to offering an interesting program with strong emphasis on high quality, state of the art education and research. We offer an excellent academic program within the vibrant atmosphere of a modern university preparing our graduates for careers in computer engineering, software and systems engineering.

As they work toward their academic goals, the students develop their abilities to solve problems, study independently, and think critically while learning to adapt the existing knowledge and apply it to new conditions. They also imbibe professional values and ethics as they enhance their skills in specific subject areas. We have a commitment to excellence in instruction, with a world-class curriculum to meet the needs of today's students, with reduced course loads, more seminars, classes to enable serious faculty-student interaction, a strong focus on building complex systems, and immediate involvement in research.

Our faculty adheres to a professional model that balances the vital components of our educational mission - teaching, research, and service. The support and commitment of research and development expands our knowledge base and presents new ways to apply established science endeavouring to encourage students and faculty to share scientific knowledge through publications and presentations.

Infrastructure facilities such as class rooms, laboratories, seminar room and staff rooms are well-quipped. Besides academics, we provide pre-placement training like CIL programs, seminars, tech-talk which augments the development of soft skills, interpersonal skills and technical skills. Our students are recruited by top companies like IBM, Wipro, Skypro, C cubed, Google, to name a few.