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Bengaluru, one of the fastest growing metropolis in India has many premier scientific and technological educational institutions and progressive medium and large scale industries such as BEML, BEL, HAL, ITI, IBM, L&T, MICO and Research & Development of organisations such as CMTI, DRDO, ISRO, IISC and Raman Research Institute. To support these big industries there are many ancillaries in and around Bengaluru. In addition to these are many International Tech-parks, Software Technology parks and leading software development centres such as Infosys, Wipro, IBM, Tatas, Motorola, Texas Instruments and Hewlett Packard among others, which constantly require technically qualified personnel.

Due to technological advancement and automation in industry, it is imperative to have more technical support personnel, with hands-on practical training and relevant theoretical knowledge in maintenance of Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical equipment, Construction and maintenance of buildings, apartments, highways and fly-over’s, in the Civil Sector, PC servicing and maintenance in the hardware sector, construction of micro-processed based teaching models, aids and computer-aided machines.

To augment these activities, these industries are now turning towards Diploma Holders who form the grass root-level of industrial growth. Diploma education is more focussed on industry and industry-institute interactive programs to develop skill, knowledge and learning ability of a student, understanding the various functional activities across a wide spectrum and cross-section of an industry. These programs help the Diploma students to excel in today’s competitive business world.

Institutions having a good relationship with industry ensure that students get an opportunity to execute industry relevant organisational projects. With the introduction of semester system from the year 2003, teaching has changed and the burden on a student is reduced, making room for more creativity in learning and fostering potentialities of the individual pupil and his interested needs and aptitudes.

DayanandaSagar Institute of Technology (DSIT) a leading Polytechnic Institution was established in the year 1980, under the aegis of Mahatma Gandhi VidyaPeetha (MGVP) vide Government Order No ED 88 TPE 80, Bangalore, dated 25th July 1980 with Civil, Mechanical & Electrical courses. Later, additional courses like Electronics, Computer Science and Information Science were started in due course.

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  • Be a Part of Our Researches
  • Best Guides The Experts of their Subject
  • Best Placement Opportunities
  • Build Your Dreams At DSI
  • DSI Beyond National Boundaries
  • Graduation With Best Learning
  • Nurturing The Champions
  • Opportunities Beyond Expectations
  • Our Proud Launches
  • Prominents Visits to DSI
  • The Proud Moments At DSI