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To improve the life skills of ‘Sagarites’ and transform them in to multi skilled personalities, DSIS dovetails the academic curriculum with that of co-curricular activities skillfully. Therefore in DSIS, many Cultural, Sports and other activities are conducted throughout the year. Each and every student is given many a platform to showcase his/her innate talent and to realize his/her potential. Meditation and Yoga also form a part of this programme to develop an integrated personality.


DSIS organizes several Inter House Competitions to help students to gain confidence and to enable them to direct their energy, knowledge and skills. A few such ones are Debate, Drama, Dance, Elocution, Music and Quiz. Specially organized weeks, like English Week, Science Week, etc., not only promote the themes underlined but also provide a linkage between the academics and innate talents of our students. The school also hosts often a few Inter-School Competitions on behalf of the Council (CISCE).


DSIS is aware of the necessity and hence nurtures the scientific attitude and the artistic talents of our students by motivating them to join various clubs for Environment, Science, Sports, Music, Dance etc., Club activities are well coordinated by the respective members and the teachers in charge of the clubs.


During the academic year, Students make visits to places like factories, heritage sites, tourism spots, and planetarium etc., some visits are directly related to curriculum, while some are fun visits to provide appropriate exposures. Students are briefed in advance about the purpose and nature of visits. Students are encouraged to take down notes during the visits and write down their experiences after the visit.


From Greek times, excellence in human endeavor has been exemplified by excellence in Physical prowess and dexterity. Students who show proficiency in a particular discipline of Sports and games are encouraged to excel in DSIS. Professional coaching and first class facilities add infinite value to the capabilities of the human spirit. Nothing endures but personal qualities. And nothing hones qualities of team spirit, camaraderie and endurance better than outdoor activities. The School campus boasts all weather courts for Volley ball, Basket ball and Tennis. Grounds for Football and Hockey complete the picture. Facilities for playing Cricket, KhoKho, Kabadi, Shuttle and Kungfu are also made available to our students. All these worked as an elixir of growth for kinesthetic as well as cognitive development. Coaches are also hired to provide specialized training to those in need. The school teams also participate in many Inter School competitions and often bring laurels to themselves and to our school. Students are also taught the techniques of mastering Indoor games like Table Tennis, Carom, Chess and other Board Games.


The evaluation in DSIS is objective and continuous for both scholastic and Co scholastic achievements of our students. In the scholastic domain, summative assessments in the form of Unit Tests, Term End and Annual Examinations are conducted in all the core subjects. Grades are given in all areas such as music, art and crafts, sports etc., Internal/Formative assessment is done continuously throughout the year and is based on the performance in projects, assignments, home works, role plays, class room debates etc., Grades obtained in tests and internal assessments are together considered for declaring promotion to the next class. DSIS ensures that each and every work of our students is assessed and given due credit in the evaluation process. In addition, a detailed profile of students based on their life skills, attitude, values etc., is also handed over to the parents along with the progress report, which is totally comprehensive and complete.


Parent - Teachers Meet is organized when results are declared after the examinations and also on the Second Saturday of every month. Parents and Teachers interact, discuss and meaningfully work out methods to improve the performance of their wards. Remedial Teaching, Bridge Courses, Training in Abacus etc., are also arranged for all those students in need of additional support


Every year, DSIS celebrates Annual Day, Sports Day, Founder’s Day, Independence Day, Republic Day and all other National Festivals to instill national integration and patriotism.

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