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  • Welcome to International School
  • Welcome to International School
  • Welcome to International School
  • Welcome to International School
  • Welcome to International School


In a sylvan surrounding, far away from the noisy streets of civilization, Dayananda Sagar International School (DSIS) is built within 25 acres of sprawling campus. Students learn, explore and play in an eco-friendly, noise free, zero pollution environments. DSIS boasts well designed buildings, bio-parks, tree-lined pathways, making it perfectly suitable for the development of mind and body. Our campus prepares a conductive climate for the students to practice sensitivity and silent observation. Study in harmony with nature; learn from the greatest teacher of the world, Mother earth.


A fully equipped and most modern multi specialty hospital in the next door is open round the clock to meet healthcare and any emergency. Care is also taken to educate them, with the help of our doctors, on preventive care and the importance of personal hygiene.


Family life education is provided to Students needing awareness on the subject and for those who undergo physical and psychological changes as they go through the onset of physical maturity. Our experienced educators address various issues on the subject from the students and help them to come out of stressful situations.


Transportation facility is provided by the school for safe and comfortable commuting of our students to and from school. Every school bus is equipped with trained and experienced driver with a cell phone facility.


With the students’ welfare and future in mind, DSIS adopts insurance policy coverage, thereby rendering them safe and secure.


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